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Founded in 2010, GCMS has helped hundreds of New Mexico families navigate the often complicated and challenging needs of their loved ones. Our services are individually tailored to the specific circumstances of the clients that we serve, giving focused time and attention to assess and identify their needs. Our highly qualified team is here to help.


Integrity, Compassion, and Quality: Our three values


Mary Galvez, Principal, is a Nationally Certified Master Guardian. She is often court-appointed to serve as a guardian for individuals who are no longer able to make their own decisions. 

She and her team approach guardianship with care, compassion, and integrity. They maintain the highest quality possible to best serve their clients and their families.

The team at GCMS are well-respected for their ability to work for New Mexico residents who are facing the many challenges of aging and special needs. With great compassion, the team works with medical professionals, family, and the court system to ensure quality of care.

Let the team at GCMS help you with:

  • Guardianship
  • Care Management
  • Court Visitor Services
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney/Surrogate Decision Maker
  • Mediation
  • Consultation
  • Training and Public Presentations

What people are saying...

“Mary is truly the best in her field. She is always professional, responsive, and truly has her client's best interests in mind. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing case management/guardianship services.”

- Melissa, local Alzheimer's expert

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